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IVF Phuong Chau’s medical staff is professional and dedicated to applying the Culture of ““Phụng sự từ tâm” into the service culture, the happiness of IVF Phuong Chau’s staff is “Mong Ước Gần Hơn” on the journey. Accompanying customers to find the green seeds of life

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Our Service

In vitro fertilization – Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) method

ICSI is a method of injecting sperm into the egg cytoplasm to create an embryo. This method is performed in a laboratory and is applicable to most cases of assisted reproduction.

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Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

The method of SPERM INJECTION INTO THE UTERUS is usually performed for a maximum of 3-4 cycles and combined with ovarian stimulation. If it fails, it is recommended to switch to in vitro fertilization combined with sperm injection into the egg cytoplasm ( ICSI).

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In vitro fertilization - Ask for eggs, ask for sperm

The doctor will use hormonal drugs to stimulate many follicles to develop together instead of degenerating during that cycle. If not used, these follicles will also be lost, completely without affecting the follicles of the cycle after.

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Fresh embryo transfer

The fertilized egg – the embryo, is transferred into the mother’s uterus a few days after egg retrieval. Fresh embryo transfer is carefully timed to ensure a good match between the endometrium and the embryo

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Aspirate uterine fluid

The doctor will use a suction tube to drain out the fluid stagnant inside the pregnant woman’s uterus. To avoid causing infection, this straw must be absolutely sterile

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Supports the embryo to escape membranes

In assisted reproduction, the transparent membrane is thinned or a hole is punctured to help the embryo exit the membrane more easily with the aim of increasing the embryo’s implantation rate.

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Regarding treatment methods, we use methods such as IVF, IUI, embryo transfer and artificial sperm techniques to maximize the chances of conception. We use advanced technologies and a team of experienced professionals to ensure you receive the best care during your treatment.


We also provide a range of other services such as sperm testing, general fertility examinations and fertility consultations. Our team of doctors and specialists is ready to assist in the process of choosing the services that best suit your needs.


We also provide fertility support methods and are committed to providing the most professional and dedicated service to our customers and will always strive to meet all your needs.


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International quality

About us

Nearly 10 years ago, Phuong Chau Infertility Department (IVF) was born in the context of Phuong Chau International Hospital.
The birth of Phuong Chau IVF Infertility Department has contributed to serving the needs of infertility treatment for the Mekong Delta region - where previously people suffered many disadvantages when those in need of treatment had to diving all the way to the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or even abroad.

Why choose us

IVF Phuong Chau has welcomed more than 3,000 babies born using in vitro fertilization
Phuong Chau IVF Infertility Department has advised more than 31,500 couples, with a success rate of about 74% (clinical pregnancy rate with in vitro fertilization - frozen embryo transfer of women). under 35 years old). The department has welcomed more than 3,000 babies born using in vitro fertilization

Our innovation

A team of highly qualified experts, doctors and medical staff
The hospital regularly coordinates with leading experts in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing personnel to study and exchange expertise with centers in the region, and attend seminars specializing in IUD at home and abroad such as Thailand. , Singapore, Japan...

International quality

Phuong Chau IVF Infertility Department is the first and only place in the Mekong Delta to achieve two prestigious accreditation standards in the world at the same time: JCI and RTAC.
In the field of In Vitro Fertilization - friendly countries have highly appreciated the development of Vietnam in general and of IVF Phuong Chau in particular. They have been fully cooperating with us and are committed to accompanying us. with IVF Phuong Chau in the process of construction and development in the near future. This is very good news for people in the Mekong Delta region

Our doctors


The medical team at Phuong Chau IVF Infertility Department are experts with formal and formal training in IVF. In addition, the Hospital regularly coordinates with leading experts in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing personnel to study and exchange expertise with centers in the region, and attend seminars specializing in IUD at home and abroad. like Thailand, Singapore, Japan…

Phụng sự từ tâmIVF Phương Châu

The best system

Always upgrade your pre- and post-examination procedures. Provide customers with the best service

Advanced technology

Update trends, improve technology to promote the development of the best facilities

Best team

Cooperate in training with advanced countries to improve the professional qualifications of doctors


  • Bé Gián - Mother's love

    Just a few days ago, baby Cock was still a little baby in Mom’s arms, but now he is over 6 years old. Since you were born, every day Mom looks at you and compliments Dad, “Those Samsung eyes look so cute I’m about to faint”. Thank you to the aunts and uncles at IVF Phuong Chau for bringing me to mom.

  • Customer N.T.A

    I was in the days of losing strawberries and had a bit of trouble with the pants I was wearing. Understanding the difficult things, a staff member of IVF Phuong Chau gently sent her a new dress for a quick change.

  • 14 years of waiting for you were arduous and filled with many tears

    Even now, when I look at my child, I still feel so magical like a dream. I would like to send my sincere thanks to the doctors and IVF medical staff of Phuong Chau for helping my husband and I welcome our baby, bringing happiness beyond our expectations today.

  • Letter to IVF client's future child on a rainy day

    “Confiding on a rainy day… Hello, even though I don’t know who you are, whether you are a boy or a little girl. Today is a rainy and windy day and so is my mother, my heart is filled with sadness and anxiety. You know, I want to write these words to you so that you somewhere can understand and hear, so that I can have a moment of relief and to end the journey of searching for you for many years. And also let you know how hard it was for me to find you.

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