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14 years of waiting for you were arduous and filled with many tears

Even now, when I look at my child, I still feel so magical like a dream. I would like to send my sincere thanks to the doctors and IVF medical staff of Phuong Chau for helping my husband and I welcome our baby, bringing happiness beyond our expectations today.

Bé Gián - Mother's love

Just a few days ago, “Bé Gián” was still a little baby in Mom’s arms, but now he is over 6 years old. Since you were born, every day Mom looks at you and compliments Dad, “Those Samsung eyes look so cute I’m about to faint”. Thank you to the aunts and uncles at IVF Phuong Chau for bringing me to mom.

Customer N.T.A

I was in the days of losing strawberries and had a bit of trouble with the pants I was wearing. Understanding the difficult things, a staff member of IVF Phuong Chau gently sent her a new dress for a quick change.


“Confiding on a rainy day… Hello, even though I don’t know who you are, whether you are a boy or a little girl. Today is a rainy and windy day and so is my mother, my heart is filled with sadness and anxiety. You know, I want to write these words to you so that you somewhere can understand and hear, so that I can have a moment of relief and to end the journey of searching for you for many years. And also let you know how hard it was for me to find you.

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