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The cost of treatment for one cycle of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) ranges from several tens of millions to several hundred million. Why do costs fluctuate so much?

A IVF cycle includes: – 04 main costs: Tests – Ovarian stimulation drugs – Egg retrieval – Embryo creation, embryo storage and embryo transfer.

– 01 additional expenses: accommodation and transportation.

(This cost does not include the cost of prenatal examination and childbirth)

Each hospital will have different costs for each test and related service. Depending on the health status of each customer, costs will vary.

1. Test cost for the couple: About 4 - 6 million

– Husband: semen analysis, blood type, 04 infectious diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, C; Syphilis), Blood formula.

à Evaluate sperm quality and infectious diseases to ensure treatment quality and reduce the risk of infection to those around you.

– Wife: Breast examination; gynecological examination; Gynecological ultrasound; Cervical cancer screening; 04 infectious diseases; Blood tests evaluate liver-kidney-reproductive endocrine function, hemostasis; Electrocardiography (ECG), urine analysis; Internal medicine examination before the procedure (pre-anesthesia examination).

Check general health and maternal health so that procedures related to IVF are safe and effective.

Each hospital will have slightly different testing standards, so costs will vary depending on location.

2. Cost of ovarian stimulation injections: About 35 - 45 million

This is a cost that fluctuates a lot for each person and fluctuates with women when stimulating their ovaries in different cycles. Because each woman’s body only produces 1 egg per month, in order to have the ideal number of 10-12 eggs, medication must be used to stimulate the ovarian follicles to develop simultaneously, depending on the condition. The number of eggs recovered will vary between women’s ovarian reserves.

On the market there are 05 commonly used ovarian stimulation injectable drugs (Gonal F, Puregon, Menopur, Follitrope, Fostimol). If calculated on the same dose of 75IU, the cost of these drugs ranges from a few hundred thousand to 2 million.

Every day you will inject medicine with a dose of #150IU – 450IU, the number of days of injection is also different, ranging from 9-12 days, with an average medicine cost of 1.5 million – 4 million/day, this is the reason. The reason why the cost of injection drugs is different for each person is because the body is different and the response to the drug is not the same, so the injection time and cost will vary a lot.

3. Egg retrieval cost: About 30 million

Ovum retrieval is the process of performing the procedure to retrieve eggs (ovum) through the vagina (this is a simple procedure, less dangerous to health, and painless because painkillers are injected during the procedure). The cost of egg retrieval ranges from 22-35 million depending on the center. Oocyte retrieval is a process that must be done after ovarian stimulation (except for cases where large ovarian follicles are not present).




4. Cost of embryo culture and embryo transfer: from 5 million to several tens of millions

After the egg retrieval process, the centers will perform the embryo culture process. Currently, there are 3 times for embryo classification: Embryo Day 2, Embryo Day 3, Embryo Day 5. Embryo classification by day depends on the quantity and quality of each person’s eggs and embryos, and the centers will prioritize them. First, choose the best embryo to transfer into the uterus.

Each couple will have from “No embryos” to 10 or more embryos. If you use Day 5 embryos, there will be additional costs for raising the embryos from Days 2-3 to Day 5.

The number of embryos per person will greatly affect the cost because after creating embryos, 1 good embryo will be used for fresh embryo transfer, the remaining embryos will be frozen (in some cases frozen). all available embryos). The cost of freezing the first embryo is 7.5 million, the second embryo onwards will be an additional 2.5 million/embryo. Therefore, the more embryos there are, the higher the cost will be (embryo storage costs will vary from center to center). People with 1 embryo and people with 10 embryos will have a cost difference of tens of millions.

The cost of embryo transfer (implanting the embryo into the uterus) also ranges from 20-30 million/embryo transfer (depending on the center). If immediately after creating the embryos, the embryos are implanted into the uterus, it is called fresh embryo transfer. If all the embryos are frozen (due to unfavorable health, endocrine, or endometrial conditions), then You will have embryo transfer performed in the next cycle, the cost of embryo thawing and embryo transfer will be around 25-30 million/time. According to the recommendations of RTAC (Australian Fertility Association), only 1 embryo should be transferred at a time. Therefore, the number of embryo transfers depends on the number of existing embryos. Therefore, a person with 1 embryo will have a lower cost than a person with 5-10 embryos.

Above are 04 mandatory costs when implementing ITTTON, these costs will stop at each stage of implementation. For example, when ovarian stimulation does not have large follicles, it will stop, or if egg retrieval does not have eggs, there will be no additional cost for embryo culture. If embryo culture does not have developed embryos, there will be no cost. Subsequent embryo transfer costs.

The cost for egg retrieval, embryo culture, embryo freezing, and embryo transfer services is high because all the tools used are imported from Europe and these tools are only used once and then discarded. This ensures there is no confusion between the couple’s eggs, sperm, and embryos.) Due to high consumable costs, IVF techniques cost several tens of millions at each center.

With the difference in costs for each type of test, each type of medicine, each type of egg – sperm – number of available embryos, each person’s treatment cost is different. This is one of the reasons causing the misunderstanding “Cost differences in each place” and the misunderstanding in the way of speaking. For example, when consulting on a cycle of IVF, they only talk about the cost of ovarian stimulation drugs to create embryos without analyzing the cost of embryo storage and frozen embryo transfer. They will say the number is much lower, only a few tens of millions for one IVF procedure, but when starting the implementation process, this number increases many times.

5. Costs of meals and transportation to the treatment center (for customers who live far away):

This is an additional cost because it will not affect the total cost of IVF treatment if you live in a locality with an IVF center. If you move to big cities, this cost can increase to several million/day x number of days spent in that city (at least 14 days). Therefore, the longer you stay, the more expensive it becomes.

If you inject the drug with the lowest dose and have 01 egg, 01 embryo and 01 embryo transfer, the cost is from 50-60 million (depending on the center) but this situation is rare, but if you have 2 embryos and embryo transfer 02 times, the cost fluctuates 100 million. Therefore, the “price fluctuation” is not “each place has a different price” but is due to the women being advised about the egg-embryo situation. To understate the cost, the cost is low, but when it comes to treatment the cost will increase.


With a regular cycle of IVF treatment, the number will fluctuate around 100 million (depending on the medical condition of the couple, the number of available embryos and the number of embryo transfers). Therefore, before starting on the “path of finding a child”, couples should find out in detail each issue related to a cycle of IVF treatment including what technical services it includes so that they can have a plan. implementation budget plan. With the difference in prices for each service of the centers and the infertility status of the couple, it is impossible to have a comparison of whether the cost is expensive or cheap. Hopefully this information will partly clear up the problem related to “High ITT cost” and explain why “Each place has its own price?”.

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